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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Two Austen Family Album Tops

Jeanne's Austen Family Album

Jeanne at Spiral made blocks in three sizes and then pieced them into strips. She, of course, varied the sizes intentionally, but this is a good solution to the problem of many blocks in different sizes, e.g. 12" finished blocks that actually range from 11-1/4"  to 12-3/4". Piece them into strips of like sizes. A clever set for, as she calls them in a blog post, "swap blocks and orphans and sub-units"

See her blog here:

Angie's set for 20 blocks

Angie at Quilting on the Crescent has divided her blocks into two colorways. 

"I decided to separate the blocks from this BOW and make two quilts. One quilt will feature the browns, greens and oranges. The other will have mainly yellow, pink and turquoise blocks."

She's set this one (the brown blocks) with a pale Color Weave fabric.

and bordered it with a pink damask-type floral.
Very evocative of Regency England.