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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Georgann's Top

Austen Family Album quilt top by Georgann Eglinksi
92-1/2" x 92-1/2"

Georgann made the model blocks for last year's posts
in shades of red and yellow.

To set the blocks she found a floral with a rainbow
background that shaded from white to bright lemon yellow,
an accurate reproduction of early-19th-century taste.
This is a print from her stash, a repro from several years ago.

The sashing strips finish to 1-1/2" as do the square red cornerstone blocks.

EQ7 sketch of the layout

Here's her version of the simple Meryton set with 1-1/2" finished sashing that extends into the border. The 5" finished border makes the quilt top 92-1/2" square.

Perfect for a queen-size bed.

She framed it with a 5" finished border of the
large print from the Richmond Reds line (#8300-14)

This is a more acurate color of that print.

To use her set for your Austen Family Album blocks----

You need:
  • 36 blocks finishing to 12"
  • 53 cornerstones cut 2" square
  • 84 sashing strips cut to 12-1/2" X 2".

EQ7 will figure out your yardage for you. It says:

  • 1-5/8 yards of the yellow print for the sashing strip
  • 1-3/4 yards of the red print for the cornerstones and border---if you piece the border strips.

The borders need to be cut 93" x 5-1/2" for the top and bottom
And 83" x 5-1/2" for the sides.
If you are using a big splashy print and don't want to piece the border strips buy 2-3/4 yards for the border and cornerstones.

I'm the official photographer here and I have had
a very hard time capturing the color in her lovely blocks
and top. My pictures make the yellow too pale.

This is probably a good reflection of the actual color in the blocks.

She mixed a variety of buttery yellows with a consistent
brick red from my Richmond Reds line plus several toiles
she had been saving.

It's on its way to the machine quilter.

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