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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Three Tops Set Together

Virginia M (Gin028) has finished her top with
an unusual set. 
She added strips to two sides of each block (say: top and right).

Then she offset the 36 blocks just a bit.

Austen Family Album by Virginia

Here's the result. The dark strips add a nice geometry
to her finished composition, uniting some individualistic blocks.
Below are two other sets that pull the blocks together (something
that's not always easy with scrappy fabrics and a sampler of blocks.)

Austen Family Album by Karen D 

Karen used the sash and cornerstones set for 25 blocks here.
 The "neat stripe" creates unity.  I can see she used a lot
of the serpentine stripes from In The Beginning's Circa 1825 reproduction
fabric line.
See a post on that fabric here:

Austen Family Album by Cathy S.
104" square

The photos don't capture the color well, but you
can see she's alternated all 36 of the 12" blocks with 12" plain squares.
Using two colors draws your eye to the lightest, uniting the blocks into a whole.

Here's what she says:
"My finished Austen Family Album top!! 104" square and I love every little inch of it."


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