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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rietje is Finished

Rietje has posted  a photo of what looks to be a quilted and bound Austen Family Album. Finished!
She has set the 36 blocks side by side and framed it with a chain of squares pieced border.

I recolored her photo a bit but I still don't think the color is as pretty as it is in real life. The pictures she's taken of her blocks over the year reflect the color better, warm reds, pinks, browns and ivories.

Very romantic, sort of like an Austen novel.

And here's the back!!! Again I bet the photo is too brown.
See for yourself at her Flickr files.

(She also has her Civil War BOM, Threads of Memory up there too.)

Congratulations on a lovely Austen quilt.


  1. Love how this quilt come out! It has inspired me to finish mine soon

  2. Dear Barbara,
    I am very much honoured for you putting my quilt in the spotlight. Thanks for all the compliments.

  3. Congratulations Rietje. One more nice quilt of yours ! Thank you Barbara for spending all those marvelous réalisations with us.

  4. Your work is very beautiful. I would like to sign up to receive your posts. aplacenti512@gmail.com..Thank you.